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Blur Hard Seltzer
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Brand hard. Seltzer harder. The visual identity of a brand is more than a logo or mark – especially in consumer package goods. Where the logo lives, how it shows up, the context around it – it’s all as important as the mark itself. It’s what we call responsive branding.

But, first things first. You have to nail the logo mark before you can build out a system. It’s only after that, the flavor families, tone of voice, patterns, textures, and color ways can come to life. For Tupps, Blur was a foray into an increasingly crowded and noisy beverage space where seemingly every seltzer brand was flat and white – taking cues from the success of White Claw, no doubt. With Blur, we went the other way, ensuring each flavor had its own color palette and custom illustrated pattern designed to stand out – whether on their own or in a variety pack.

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