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Hitachi Vantara
Made by data

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto. As the kickoff to their 2019 user conference, we were tasked with creating Hitachi’s first step in an overall shift into a more cinematic visual brand language.

With the event branding already in place, we came alongside the internal creative team to concept, write, and animate two intro videos that would serve as both room-settlers and as content bridges – meaning, the goal was both to signify the beginning of the day’s main keynote session and tease the content they were about to be presented with.

For Day 1, the theme was Made By Data. So, riffing on the existing “red runner” animation, we conceived what it would take and what it would look like to actually build a character that was made by data.

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While the cinematic goal was the same, the content for Day 2 was altogether different. So instead of an exciting, whiz-bang approach to the day’s “Powering Good” thematic, we significantly shifted the overall tone, look, and messaging in order to more directly connect.

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Project in partnership with Red Square.
Project in partnership with Doremus.
Project in partnership with MediaMonks.