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Accelerating Pure’s user conferences

2016 _ Accelerate Possible. Events are fickle beasts. And the first of anything is always difficult.

As Pure Storage’s creative agency of record from 2015 – 2020, we were in the creation direction seat for their yearly user conferences. These three-day showcases feature everything Pure Storage: more than two dozen partners, keynote speakers from around the world of technology, and more.

Responsible for branding, designing, and animating the entire show, we work closely with teams spread from San Francisco to Maine. We were responsible for art and creative direction across outdoor and online promotional advertising prior to the event, way-finding signage, wall and stage graphics, animated loops for show floor LEDs, video and presentation content for Pure’s signature widescreen displays, custom LED lighting sculptures, and more.

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2018 _ New Meets Now. For Pure’s third user conference, we moved from the San Francisco shipyards to the historic Bill Graham Civic Center.

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2019 _ Paint It Orange. The 2019 incarnation of Accelerate saw it move out of the Bay Area entirely –deep into the heart of Austin, Texas.

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