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Consistency – especially when building or transitioning brands – can be incredibly useful. For Streamlight, it was about beginning a journey of crafting a brand moat of “quality” to keep knock-off and cheaper competitors at bay.

We created a dual approach to Streamlight’s 2021 print advertising platform – product ads and brand ads. Informed by search analytics, we found customers primarily searched for product names. So, on product ads, we put the product name and image front and center, and would focus on specs and differentiators.

Even in a 50 year-old-company like Streamlight, brand building is incredibly important – especially when entering new market segments like adventure and outdoor. So, we created brand ads that focused on telling the Streamlight story with an emotional connection and downplayed the inclusion of any product in particular.

This two-pronged approach will help differentiate Streamlight from foreign and low-cost, low-quality competitors.

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