Creative Direction
Video Production
Art Direction
3D Modeling
Script Writing
Positioning + Messaging
Product Launch Films

Hit after hit after hit. Streamlight continually releases innovative, industry-defining illumination products. Which means, we continually create product launch films that differentiate them from competitors.

Whether it’s the Stinger Switchblade, Vulcan, Vantage 180X, Worklight family, Weapon-Mounted Light family, Scenelight family, or a host of others, we simply have the please of creating strategy, messaging, animation, and film targeted at some of the most discerning customers in the world – those who rely on illumination products for their livelihood, and sometimes their lives.

It’s not a job we take lightly – even though it is insanely fun.

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Project in partnership with Red Square.
Project in partnership with Doremus.
Project in partnership with MediaMonks.